Dreumex Doseerpomp voor 4.5 liter

PC Technology  Dreumex Doseerpomp voor 4.5 liter (DREUMEX PMP)
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This Druemex Plus hand cleaner is an extra powerful citrus hand cleansing gel that is ideal for heavy soilings such as Ink, paint, glue and lacquer. It is especially suitable for the printing industry where the use of inks can stain and soil your hands. Dreumex Plus is of Soft gel structure and is a very stable product with a long product life guaranteed. With good dispensing properties, hardly any residue is lost. Dreumex has only natural citrus ingredients, a very effective formula, cleans almost all soilings, is perfume-free and skin-friendly. Bright colour with pleasant odour and pleasant to use The only real choice of hand cleaner you need to make.