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Our products
PC Technology has been offering a range of products and accessories for screen printing since 1985! We present branded products as well as our own product range. For example, we work with the water-based textile screen printing inks from HVK Products and the plastisol inks from the Rutland Group and the ink removal chemicals from Easiway. We also have a range of adhesives to keep T-shirts or pieces of fabric in place at home. For this we offer a water-based type or a solvent spray can. Finally, you can also find accessories such as squeegee holders, squeegee rubber, spatulas, sieves, meshes ... in our wide range.
Our service
We have been committed to top service and quality for more than 30 years! Our services include mixing Pantone © colors to stretching and making the sieve light-sensitive. If you place an order with us, it is usually ready for shipment the day after ordering! PC Technology´s greatest asset is undoubtedly our huge stock of screen printing products, so you never have to wait long for your order.
Our accessories
In addition to the most common screen printing products, PC Technology offers you all kinds of accessories such as brushes, spatulas and plastic gloves. Among other things, we offer Easiway Dip Tanks to increase productivity as the cleaning of sieves takes a long time. Furthermore, we recently also have wash-out booths in stainless steel and polyprop in our range. And because the environment is important to PC Technology, we will soon be expanding our range with filtration units so that users can clean the dirty water themselves.


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