Manual Printing Machines

MAN series hand carrousel are well tested design with high stability and precise color registration. We are focused on assuring high quality of products, keeping the design away from cost saving improvements. Our engineering effort is heading towards multifunctional attachments design.

We are offering: MAN 4x4, MAN 6x6, MAN 8x8, MAN 10x10, MAN 12x12

Most popular model is MAN 6x6, while its optimal choice as for beginners as for big print shops for test prints and small series prints

MAN 4x4 download file

MAN 6x6 download file

MAN 8x8  download file  movie

MAN 10x10 download file

MAN 12x12 download file


MAN 4x1 

MAN 1x1 

MAN 8 x 8
 MAN 8x8

MAN 12 x 12

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