Inknovators Waterbased Inks

As one of the most leading innovative companies in textile screen printing industry, Inknovators formulates future generation water based inks, Ecological Disharge Inks, sublimation inks and PVC Free Plastisol inks making ecological sustainability our first priority during the production process.

With over more than 35 years of experience we are proud to announce Inknovators is one of the few manufacturers that not only produces inks, but also produces and compounds it’s own raw materials and binders which make us a leader in the industry.

Our hybrid water based inks are manufactured using the newest technologies. Despite the fact that today all the ink manufacturers produce polyurethane and acrylic water based inks, Inknovators is aiming to change the future trends in screen printing and sublimation industry with it’s unique hybrid system.

Inknovators’ pioneering spirit is also reflected in our e-technical services which are provided 7/24 hours to the clients worldwide. You may ask our technical expertise staff all your questions online 7 days 24 hours.

Our techinical experts will bring you the knowledge and knowhow of our intire product line making a bond between the endusers and Inknovators.