´RUTLAND´ Plastisol Inks

PC Technology is the oldest Rutland Dealer in Europe.
We started in 1993, importing from USA & selling into Europe.  We focus on sales into Belgium, the Netherlands, France & Germany. We do have customers in other countries due to the fact we have a relationship with them since we started in the nineties !
The international group Rutland-Union is a manufacturer that markets these qualitative plastisol inks under both brand names. These plastisol inks belong to the top quality in the market and have a very extensive range to offer a solution for all types of textiles. Druma does not follow the entire range of plastisol inks from this manufacturer. Plastisol inks are harmless if they are used well. A real plastisol ink contains no air-polluting solvents and a very low content of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). With regard to the new European legislation, which was already introduced in some countries (cf. the Netherlands), it was decided to include the NON-PHtalate series in our range. These inks comply with the new health regulation, but are therefore slightly more expensive. The manufacture, transportation, storage, use, and disposal of plastisol inks cannot cause any injury, disease, or environmental contamination, as long as appropriate safety and environmental standards are applied in accordance with appropriate procedures.