RANAR Equipment

Ranar mfg. Inc. est. in 1971 is a manufacturer of screen printing equipment.
We sell quality and affordable silk screening machines for the t-shirt, textile, and garment printing industry.
We have manual or automatic multi color screen printing presses.
We also offer Conveyor dryers using electric heat or hot air convection heat to cure plastisol or water base textile screen printing inks.
For your Pre-press / dark room equipment: film output systems, screen storage racks, job carts, wash out booths/sinks; for reclaiming: dip tanks and filtration systems.
We have Screen exposure units to burn high resolution screen images into emulsions.
Also Infrared flash cure or air Flash dryer units for spot curing or under base screen printed inks.
Heat transfer presses to apply foils and hot peel transfers and sublimations. Screen printing parts, attachments, and accessories for sports numbering and athletic cap printing.